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Open Access System

Our Door Controller Interface or DCI connects to the automatic door controller through an RJ connection on the controller. The DCI monitors the communication protocol between the door controller and the functionality of the rest of the automatic door. Once connected to the door controller the DCI is programmed to connect to the customer’s wireless network and transmits the information over the internet back to our secured server. When the door is in need of either maintenance or servicing our system will notify the end user or service provider via text message or e-mail what is wrong with the door package and that the door is in need of attention.

User Benefits

As an end user of the automatic door you can get the status of the doors monitored via our secured website. Receive early alarm notifications conveniently via e-mail or text message for maintenance related issues that can be intelligently fixed eliminating blind service calls. At any time of the day you can check on the status of your doors via the website.

As a service provider our system provides you information that you can use to maximize your business. Knowing what is wrong with the door before dispatching a technician allows your service manager to stock your service trucks accordingly, decrease time on site/return trips, and schedule more service calls during the work day. In addition, an ANSI certified technician can remotely log into the system via the secured network and make adjustments to the functionality of the door such as door open door opening speeds.

Market Opportunities

Since 2000 over 100 million dollars a year in automatic doors have been sold and Open Access Systems can be a benefit for any site in any market that has multiple automatic doors. In the merchandising market your automatic door is the first impression of your building or business so there is value in the care of it. As a facilities manager responsible for multiple sites with multiple doors you will be completely informed about the status of your doors anytime day or night. In healthcare, the functionality of your automatics is crucial in patient care and transport and early notification of an automatic door service call is imperative to get functionality back. Government and schools facilities need to have proper functioning automatic doors for ease of use to the patrons that visit its buildings.

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Open Access Systems is a collective group with over 25 years of sales, installation, service of automatic door and wireless communication systems. We have worked with multibillion dollar companies in varying markets such as healthcare, education, retail, internet of things, and government.

Mission Statement

To build a system that makes those that uses it invaluable at their role in their business

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